CREATIVE STILL LIFE PHOTOGRAPHY – Instructor Keryn Huang: March 17 & 18

Saturday & Sunday March 17 & 18
10am to 5pm
New York City

Still life shots can be very exciting, requiring careful planning, construction of the set and attention to detail. Creating an eye-catching still life entails conceptualizing and specific lighting depending on the object.

The goal is to learn the technical aspects of table top photography, to further develop the creative individual vision and master the fundamentals of still life photography.

Students will  learn how to approach each image with the intent to visualize, manipulate, and create light by exploring a variety of  lighting approaches as well as use of color and other creative possibilities. In this two day workshop, each participant will execute their own lighting set-ups that are specifically appropriate to the object they are shooting.

Join us for this creative workshop as we take a simple object and turn it into Art!

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