Saturday & Sunday April 2018
6pm to 11pm
New York City

Course Description:
This is an exciting workshop whether you are interested in mastering the basics of shooting at night, or if you’d like to take your fashion shots to higher creative level.

Night photography produces stunning and dramatic imagery particularly in fashion. Learn the advantages of shooting at night which can be forgiving of rain or bad weather.  Get creative results by knowing what to look for on-location at night such as car headlights and existing city lights combined with longer exposures and multiple flash.

Demonstrations with models will also include how to “paint with light” using techniques such as lighting with small devices of continuous light and flashlights using color gels to create beautiful color palette. Necessary equipment, portable strobes, continuous lights & reflectors and appropriate camera settings for evening shots will all be covered.   Bring your camera and tripod and creative mind.

Space is limited, and classes fill early. Sign up today.

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