THE ART OF THE NUDE: March 24 & 25

Saturday/Sunday, March 24 & 25
9:30am to 4:30pm

New York City

Course Description:
This workshop will focus on lighting specifically for the human body as a figure study in an abstract, sculptural form, and its mythic perfection.

The study of human the figure has been always present in most artistic mediums. From classical Greek statuary to Rodin and  many of our contemporary artists, the human figure has been studied and depicted throughout the history of art.

Development of personal style and finding one’s artistic vision of the human form, through different lighting techniques and concepts will be the focus of this course.

We will explore creative composition, form, shape and movement while focusing also on the technical aspects to acheive desired results; this includes using flash, tungsten and ambient light in a studio. Color gels, high key lighting, unconventional color balances, and painting with light to achieve a creative photograph will be taught.

Space is limited, and classes fill early. Sign up today.

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