Comments from workshop participants:

  • Janusz, thank you SO MUCH for the workshop! It was worth flying to New York just for the privilege to be part of your class this weekend. There is no amount of reading that can prepare someone to deal with all of the possibilities that can happen – good and bad – when shooting on location. Watching you take advantage of every nuance, turn every potential problem into a newfound solution was worth weeks on a classroom. More than anything, thank you for the passion.
    - Gustavo Tonelli
  • Janusz Kawa teaches you all the industry secrets on photography and lighting.  You will practice this information on location and you will come out of the class, a way better photographer than when you went in.
    - Martin Tsien
  • You are so kind and easy to be around.  Thanks for bringing together the nicest professionals together.  It was a pleasure working easily together as a team with everyone being so helpful with excellent initiative.
    - Sharon Birke
  • There are dozens of great photographers in the industry, but only a handful that are equally skilled as teachers. Janusz is one of those rare people who can shoot and teach. He has shared more valuable knowledge with me than anyone else I have ever met. He has helped me improve my photography in extremely visible ways; not just by increments, but by leaps. I highly recommend taking a class with him or, better yet, attending one of his weekend workshops. No matter your level of skill, you will learn something new and valuable. And even if you are a professional, you will find new inspiration. And you'll probably make some new friends, too.
    - Steve Diamond, Creative Director/Photographer
  • Janusz Kawa is a great photographer and a very talented teacher. I've learned a great deal about exposure, found out some things about color and had lots of chances to get really carried away by my own creativity. Thanx Janusz, I had a great time!
    - Sven Van Del Heuvel
  • Thanks again for the great class!
    - Annah F Bode
  • Thanks so much for the class. I learned so much from everyone. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in shaping light and working with models on location. The polaroids were a great way to show how to use the light with modification. Some simple things that were so helpful for me were to expose for the model's skin and not the background, overexpose slightly to smooth the skin and bring that subtle pop to the face, and, most importantly to simply see the light on people's faces. Working in my studio, with plain white or black backgrounds, I give all my attention to the way the light plays across my model, but when I'm on location, I tend to fall in love with the background and give most of my attention to placing the model compositionally. It was so nice to be reminded that most of my attention should be on the model. I struggled with that all weekend, but at least my attention kept coming back to the model. The models were very helpful in their feedback to me about how I interacted with them. And I learned so much from the other photographers, Michael and Bart were particularly helpful in pointing out lighting and background. I loved the fast pace and the variety of models and environments. I would love to take this class again.
    - David Solow ( )
  • Thank you again for your class and the workshop - it was a pleasure learning from you.
    - VG
  • Thank you very much for sharing your passion and your time with our group in fashion shooting, I really enjoyed the class.
    - Anna Paola Pizzocaro
  • I think you are one of the most talented photography teachers I have had the pleasure of working with...  You really opened my eyes in many ways...  I am sure the same will happen in your studio class as well... I have attended many workshops in the past but nothing on the level that Janusz offers, he give you the tools you need to achieve a professional level of photography.  Workshops are always what the percipient makes of them and Janusz give you the insight, techniques, professional lighting that sparks the creative mind.  His classes are run with a  high level of professionalism and I highly recommend his workshops. This was my 2nd workshop that I have attend and plan on attending many more!
    - Steven Paul, New York Stevenphotography.com
  • I just wanted to thank you for the insights you provided on doing a fashion shoot on location.  I have never taken any fashion photographs before and your workshop pushed the boundries of my photography.  Shooting fashion in Dumbo was inspirational with the NYC background, Brooklyn & Manhattan bridges, the great old buildings along with the cobblestone streets.  The class makeup was really good between professional photographers and semi-professional photographers.  In addition, your models were excellent to work with and each brought something different to the each of the photo shoots.  
    - Gary

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